Why Buy From R&I Coins?

In short, the R&I Coins mission is to be your trusted source for the finest in eye-appealing U.S. rare coins.

Founder, Rick Tomaska purchases rare coins as a collector first and foremost. Profitable coins are naturally occuring due to collector demand. Rick purchases coins that he enjoys owning, that he knows you will love owning and that will give you countless hours of viewing pleasure!

Whether your budget is $100,000 a month or $100, R&I Coins is a collector oriented company whose primary interest and goal is to supply you with the most eye-appealing coin rarities whose desirability will only grow with the passage of time.

While million dollar coins may grab headlines in the coin publications, the greatest numismatic opportunities lie in the priceranges more affordable to 99.99% of the collecting public. I specialize in locating those “needles in a hay stack” – the “beach front” property that is currently still priced for little more than a few Arizona sand dunes!

Many dealers like to “talk the talk”. R & I clients get to “walk the walk”. Checking through the PCGS and NGC Registries you will find many of the finest proof collections proof Morgan dollars, mint state and proof Franklin halves, Barber halves, Seated halves, proof Washington quarters, Roosevelt dimes, Jefferson nickels, and Lincoln cents that were assembled by our clients through our company.

We would like the opportunity to do the same for you!

Warmest Regards,
Rick Tomaska