Tomaska Pedigree

Why the NGC Tomaska Pedigree holder series is so important for YOU and your collecting future.

Current Population Charts:

  1. “We The People” Proof Franklin Populations: See the current population chart for our Tomaska pedigree proof “We The People” Franklin Half Dollars.
  2. “We The People” Mint State Franklin Populations: See the current population chart for our Tomaska pedigree Mint State “We The People” Franklin Half Dollars.
  3. “Aspiration” Kennedy Proof and SMS Populations: See the current population chart for our “Aspiration” Kennedy pedigree holders!
  4. “I Like Ike” Proof Eisenhower Dollar Populations: See the current population chart for our Tomaska pedigree ” I Like Ike” holders. Rick explores Eisenhower Dollars and discovers they are “The Most Under-rated Dollar Series in U.S. Numismatics Today!”

A few words about The Proprietary Franklin, Kennedy, and Eisenhower Tomaska-Pedigree holders.

While I have assembled the finest collections for my clients over the years, from proof Seated and Morgan dollars to American Silver Eagles, my six books have focused on proof and mint state coins struck after World War II.


I recognized early on that United States coinage from the post-World War II era offered tremendous potential for today’s collector! This is what inspired me to begin writing my first book on the subject, which took almost 5 years to complete, released in early 1992, “Cameo And Brilliant Proof Coinage Of The 1950 To 1970 Era.”

There are so many dates of all denominations, from cents through dollars, that offer tremendous quality and rarity, coupled with phenomenal eye-appeal, for such collector friendly prices!

The key is in applying consistent, conservative grading standards!

Every week I see literally hundreds of proof and mint state coins struck after World War II that in my opinion are at best, on the very low end of quality for the grade indicated on their holder.


For example, for about the first 10 years that the FBL standard was offered by PCGS and NGC (from around 1997 to the mid-2000’s), the total PCGS/NGC population for the 1950-D Franklin half dollar in Mint State 66 Full Bell Lines was 6 or 7 coins. NONE higher! A rate of about 1 example certified in MS 66 FBL every year!

The current combined PCGS/NGC population is 179 in MS 66 FBL, and 4 in MS 67 FBL! A rate of over 10 certified in MS 66 FBL every year the past 15 years!

Why so many more 1950-D Franklin half dollars certified the past 15 years, when for the first 10 years, this date was nearly impossible to locate in MS 66 FBL?!


The combined PCGS/NGC population for the 1976-S Eisenhower Dollar Clad Type 1 PCGS/NGC PF 69 DCAM/ULTRA condition is over 20,000 coins certified.

WOW! Looking at the census number, that seems to be a very common coin in high grade, exceptional cameo condition; right???


In 1992, with the release of my first book, “Cameo And Brilliant Proof Coinage Of The 1950 To 1970 Era”, I assisted both PCGS and NGC in helping them create “CAMEO” and “DEEP CAMEO” standards and grading sets for PCGS, and “CAMEO” and “ULTRA CAMEO” standards for NGC.

I know my DCAM’s and ULTRA CAM’s better than any single individual in the United States. I helped created the standards!!!

In other words, when you buy a modern proof coin, and it reads “ULTRA CAMEO” on the NGC holder, or “DCAM” on the PCGS holder, those standards all originated from my first book, and my work in assisting both PCGS and NGC in developing solid, strict standards for the designations in 1992.

Fast forward to today in my opinion, perhaps as many as 95% of the 20,000+ 1976-S Clad Type 1 Eisenhower Dollars certified PF 69 DCAM/ULTRA in the combined PCGS/NGC census do not meet my standards for PF 69 DCAM/ULTRA, based on my knowledge and experience!


In 2018 NGC approached me about offering my own proprietary pedigree holder for the Franklin half dollars.

With this special holder, NGC would also have independent census/population numbers for coins that were encapsulated in this pedigree holder!

Most importantly, the agreement with NGC proposed that while NGC would initially grade a coin, it would then have to be reviewed by me, to determine whether it met my strictest standards for encapsulation in the exclusive NGC Pedigree holder!

In other words, the NGC Franklin, Kennedy, and Eisenhower dollars encapsulated in this pedigree holder…

…are YOUR guarantee that the mint state or proof Franklin, Kennedy Half Dollar, or Eisenhower Dollar has been reviewed by me, Rick Tomaska, guaranteeing you the highest standard, and the finest quality, for the date and grade!


These exclusive breakthrough, leading edge pedigree holders guarantee you the very finest eye-appeal and quality for the grade! There is not a higher standard in all of U.S. numismatics for these series!

My goal, my legacy for today’s collector, and for the collectors of future generations of today and 50 – 100 years from today, collectors who own a Franklin, Kennedy, or Eisenhower dollar in a NGC-Tomaska Pedigree holder will own a rare coin that is the acknowledged Gold Standard for the series.

The evolving NGC Franklin, Kennedy, and Eisenhower Pedigree population numbers will illustrate how truly rare are truly the finest examples from their series AND in their respective grades!

For many dates and grades, I would estimate only 3%-5% of the current certified PCGS/NGC population might pass my scrutiny, and qualify for encapsulation!!!

Point #1
NGC, in recognition of the importance of the NGC Tomaska Pedigree, has an independent, separate Census report, distinct from the generic Franklin and Kennedy half dollars, and Eisenhower dollars, in these exclusive holders!

Point #2:
NGC will have an independent and separate Collector Registry devoted only to those Franklin and Kennedy half dollars, and Eisenhower dollars, in a PR holder!!!


  • You receive the Best of The Best,
  • A coin that has received the strictest scrutiny, from the most knowledgeable dealer in the country specializing in this field- Rick Tomaska.
  • A coin you know is truly premium for the grade, in the NGC Premium Tomaska holder,
  • And a Franklin or Kennedy Half Dollar, or Eisenhower Dollar that may be 10 to 20 times rarer than the more generic quality examples for the date and grade as reflected in the PCGS and NGC census reports!