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1883 $10 Liberty Gold Eagle NGC PF 65 ULTRA CAMEO


Without question, this 1883 $10 Finest Known Proof Eagle is the premier centerpiece of the March 7 auction.

Proof Gold Eagles and Gold Double Eagles! The Best of the Best. The Pinnacle of Desirability and Rarity. The Hope Diamonds of United States Numismatics!

For any TOP QUALITY collection of United States rare coins to truly be considered a TOP QUALITY collection, the owner needs to have a Liberty proof Eagle and proof Double Eagle. And not just “a” example – but a finest known specimen!

And THAT is the GREATEST challenge. There is no accurate Price Guide for FINEST KNOWN Liberty proof Eagles and Double Eagles. Why? Because they come on to the market so infrequently, they are so rare, each sale is a unique negotiation.

Exhibit A: 2-3 years ago a finest known 1861 Liberty Double Eagle, PCGS PR66DCAM was offered in auction. The PCGS Price Guide at the time was $700,000. I knew the coin would sell for far more. I actually put a bid in for the coin well above the Price Guide! With the 20% auction house commission, I would be paying over 1 million for the coin if I won.

Well, I wasn’t even close. The coin sold for 1.8 million. The PCGS Price Guide for this coin is currently $2,250,000. I have NO DOUBT that if the current owner chose to sell this coin, he could easily fetch far more than $2,250,000!

In other words, in the space of just a few years, the Price Guide for this coin has more than tripled. With the true value of the coin now probably closer to 3 million than 2 million.

I don’t know of any finest known proof Liberty double eagles being offered on the market today. No sane collector who owns one would offer it, unless the offer was very, very, very strong! Well above any “fictional” Price Guide number!

It is a rare opportunity when one gets to offer a gold United States Eagle or Double Eagle that is the FINEST KNOWN for its date to a client!

The proof Liberty Eagles and Double Eagles are especially desirable as they were often struck with stunning Ultra Cameo contrast, unlike the Saint Gaudens double eagles, which were struck with a matte proof finish with no contrast and no mirror.

When you consider the competition…all of the most elite collector’s with the deepest passion and deepest pocket…building the finest gold collections….

Today the RCTV clients get that opportunity to own an extremely rare gold Eagle….extremely rare as in a mere grand total of 40 struck…..141 years ago……AND..….it is FINEST KNOWN……


From “Encyclopedia of United States Gold Coins”

1883 $10 Proof Gold Liberty Eagle

Summary: Perhaps as many as 15 Proof 1883 Eagles exist today. There are two examples known that cannot be bought: the Deep Cameo PF 63 coin in the Smithsonian and the Proof in the collection at the American Numismatic Society.